G’day Crew, I'd like to put out there.. a BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who supported Dirty Love on the 7th April 2013 - The Support and patronage shown on the day, quiete simply, blew our minds and in no way did we ever expect to hit those sort of numbers - to the point of actually having 3 times the amount of visitors, then expected..!

It was made more so special as it was a first time event for us, secondly, a first time show of this specific styling and intent for Australia (to our knowledge), and thirdly, a free event for entrants and visitors,  which meant we had no 'real' insite in to the level of interest for the show. But come Sunday, we had folks, from all walks of life in attendance, which was fantastic and exactly how we'd like to keep it, to hopefully encourage and promote a broader public interest and unearth more bike builders, artists and lovely ladies to become involved in the kulture.!

I’d like to put out a MASSIVE THANK-YOU to our awesome sponsors who helped us to get this show off the ground ! They were a big part of the show's success and where ever possible, you need to thank them by supporting them with your continued business throughout the year..!

Was the show successful..? What can I say, well - we catered for between 500 – 1000 peoples not knowing the interest in such an event, so as an Organiser,  we thought a thousand would be extreme - but come Midday, the whole place went viral and the show’s attendance thru the roof (reportabley between 2500-3000 visitors) - which was awesome !

The good news, thru Sponsorship, the giveaways and DL Merchandise we have been able to cover costs of this FREE event and also have a little bit left over to help kick-start future planning of DL 2014 !

Once again, to the sponsors, volunteer helpers, entrants, vendors, visitors - thank you so much for your support and for being a big part of the show and it's success..! Regards & Respect, Jamie (Chops) Day

NOTE: This show is independantly organised and run by a collective bunch of like minded folks who love the bikes, era's and kulture ! It is not affiliated or obligated to any club or business, but is most certainly supported by many !